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Yul answers that their marriage is a contract, it is based on a promise and they promised each other to be a husband and wife when they got married. He concludes that their marriage is a contract for life. Yul and Hye Joo head back to his office and he confirms Hye Joo told all the reporters that Da Jung is just not feeling well.

Da Jung goes to rinse her mouth and then smiles when she thinks of what Yul said at the press conference. She giggles like a moony-eyed girl but then has to retch again. Da Jung runs into In Ho outside and quickly turns around but he walks up to her so she has no choice but to laugh and pretend to be normal. In Ho grabs her hand and asks to talk. In Ho walks away leaving Da Jung looking uncomfortable. He runs back to the toilet and we see that Hee Chul swiped the pictures.

Yul walks by the kitchen table and remembers Da Jung sprawled sleep on it last night. Da Jung comes by and she cooks a snack while he sits there and grumbles about why he has to keep her company. She notices he seems stressed and hears he is thinking about his own homework. But before he does his homework he can delay it a bit in the face of such delicious ramyun. She cooked three bags thinking he could eat it all. Yul grumbles about the lack of egg in it and Da Jung chides him for not eating it right since they have to eat the original flavor.

Yul reluctantly says its edible and the two of them lean in to wolf down the noodles. They end up biting into the same strand and Yul loses the battle and Da Jung slurps it up. Yul notices Da Jung has something on her face and they lean in so he can wipe her mouth clean. Man Se and Na Ra walk up and start singing that they are kissing.

Man Se tells the bodyguards about Yul and Da Jung kissing last night. The bodyguards adorably chase her to get more gossip. Da Jung corners Yul and says he wiped her mouth and she never asked him to so why is he blaming her now. Yul looks all scared of her being so close and Da Jung tells him to say it if he blames her for such gossip. Yul says its all her fault and then uses a finger to push her away while reminding her to stay a meter away from him unless absolutely necessary.

Yul goes back to the bedroom and decides he needs to stay away from her for the time being. Da Jung is in the living room and hears from the ahjumma that Yul took the kids out ice skating and she is fuming they left her behind. Reporter Byun meets with Joon Ki who is disappointed in his reporting skills. He orders Reporter Byun to hold his story for the time being. In Ho can sense someone following him and confronts the guy who turns out to be Hee Chul who has something to talk to him about.

Yoon Hee and her cronies run into Hye Joo at the golf course and hears that Yul is out ice-skating which upsets her even more that Hye Joo could be here to see Joon Ki. She pushes past Yoon Hee and storms off. Joon Ki talks with his aide and says that the pictures are not enough and they need to be caught in the act. He hears from the aide who says recent rumors are the Prime Minister is very close to his wife.

Yoon Hee comes by with lunch and Joon Ki brushes her off. Yoon Hee cries that she just wants to spend time with him and other couples even go ice-skating together. Man Se gives her a hug and she wonders where Yul is? She sees him skating effortlessly around the rink and realizes her hubby really can do anything. Yul skates up to the kids and asks why Da Jung is here? Yul says he has a good reason for not bringing her and she asks what it is? She is so he lets her stay. Yul shows everyone how to skate and then sends all of them off.

Da Jung is easily the worst of the lot and he ends up having to coach her one-on-one. She almost slips and he catches her. Everyone skates happily as Yul watches with a smile on his face. Yul is about to make them keep practicing when they notice Joon Ki and Yoon Hee arriving with their son. Dude, you are a backstabbing ass, why should he even pretend. Yoon Hee thinks Da Jung is so close to Yul and Man Se further pipes up that of course they are close since he saw them kissing in the kitchen last night.

Yul gathers the family to leave but Man Se wants more time to skate. Da Jung slips and Yul quickly runs over to help her up. Joon Ki does not look happy. Hee Chul hands the snow pictures to In Ho and says they need to be on the look out for Reporter Byun. Hye Joo is impressed and says she admits defeat, asking where he got his courage from?

Joon Ki asks if he can invite the kids over to his place sometime and Yul says of course since he is their uncle. Yul broods at home later that night out in the courtyard before realizing its stupid to brood in the cold and goes inside the brood some more. He remembers Joon Ki accusing him of forgetting Na Young and he leaves the ice-cream untouched. Yul comes out to morning kendo practice and asks why Da Jung is here? He wants her to learn at a kendo studio and says he never agreed to teach her.

Poor Da Jung tries to stay and practice but Yul barks at her some more.

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Later Da Jung calls him to breakfast but he brushes her off. Poor Da Jung leaves disappointed. Na Ra asks if she has any worries and wants her to share. Man Se comes by on the cellphone with question about hwatu and Da Jung takes the phone from Man Se and answers his question about the card points. Dad says he had a dream about Da Jung, she was wearing all white and being chased by wolves with red eyes.

Yul is back outside brooding some more and this time Da Jung comes out to talk with him. If he tells her, maybe she can help. He assures her its no such thing but then she asks why he is avoiding her and so cold to her? Initially he was grateful about how good she was to him and his kids. But now he feels pressure since theirs is just a contract marriage. He wants her to watch her boundaries but she flatly says no. Da Jung wants to do her best since she is the wife of the Prime Minister. She grabs his arm and tells him not to say things like she makes him uncomfortable. He shakes her hand off and asks if he thinks this is a fun playing house as fake husband and fake wife?

Yul goes back to his study and takes out the kiddie hair clip he bought for Da Jung but clearly he is thinking very non-kiddie thoughts about staying away from his wonderful and gorgeous wife. Da Jung sits in the kitchen table all sad. Yul sits in his study and just stares at the hair clip. Can you two just go make out and make babies and stop hurting my heart.

In Ho arrives at the mansion in the morning and sees Da Jung standing outside. She notices him and makes a slight acknowledgment before heading inside. In Ho notices something on his phone. Yul is working at his desk and sees his hand bandage with the note scribbled by Da Jung on it. In Ho arrives with a report on the people in the port construction re-assessment team. In Ho asks for two hours off today to handle some personal matters. Yul tells him to take the time and also grab dinner before coming back.

Da Jung is sewing frogs when she gets a text. In Ho walks into a hotel and Reporter Byun is there and calling someone to assure that everything is going as planned. In Ho gets into an elevator and rings the doorbell of a hotel room. Da Jung opens the hotel room door and In Ho is shocked to see her. In Ho asks why she is here and hears he called her here. In Ho pushes her into the room and shuts the door.

Da Jung shows him a text saying that there is an emergency involving Yul and she needs to to go to the hotel room. Joon Ki hears the reporters have gathered and his aide asks why Joon Ki is throwing the In Ho trump card away. Joon Ki says he just felt like it and then he angrily thinks that Yul dared to forget Na Young and he will never forgive him for this. Reporter Byun gathers all the reporters in the lobby and they head upstairs. The reporters arrive and corner them with cameras flashing and accusations. The reporters wonder what they are doing at a hotel so late at night.

Reporter Byun asks who Da Jung is meeting and she tries to answer but In Ho tells her not to say anything. In Ho tries to stare down Reporter Byun who asks again the person Da Jung is meeting so late at night at a hotel? The reporters open up and we see Yul is right there. He walks up to Da Jung and asks if the reporters even need to be told about two newlyweds celebrating a wedding milestone day?

The reporters chew Reporter Byun out for turning them into scandal hounds and leave him stewing. Yul and Da Jung enter the hotel room and he asks her what happened? She asks In Ho how he came to be here but In Ho just storms into his car and drives off clearly with a destination in mind. In Ho keeps thinking about Yul and Da Jung walking into the hotel room together. Dude, they are married! Da Jung explains that she came because she got a text from In Ho that there is an emergency with Yul. Da Jung worries that she is causing more trouble for him. Da Jung looks really hurt and says when she was surrounded by reporters all she could worry about was the trouble she was going to bring to Yul.

Yert all Yul can think about is how tired and fed up he is with their situation. Their contract marriage threatens to be revealed? She really tries so hard and cares not for the trappings of power but instead gives her all to be a good wife and mother.

Perhaps I should thank Joon Ki and Reporter Byun for their repeated tricks and traps to foil Yul and Da Jung because it only leads them to confront their issues and open more up. I love that every episodes end quietly, with nothing dramatic. Make it happen writers. Once again an awesome recap!

The Crown recap: Season 1, Episode 9

She liked him going into the marriage. Thanks again for your hard work. I really look forward to your recaps since I watch the raw episode first, read your recap and watch it subbed later on. So keep up the good job. LOL this drama is so far removed from reality and cliched if it actually happened in real life people will be sneering at the PM for marrying a bimbo paparazzi reporter. What every guy dreams of, a sweet nurturing something trophy hottie who will look after their kids without a hair out of place. What every girl fantasies of: Time-traveling aliens from Joseon who are romancing the doppelganger of their dead year-old love, ghosts, mind-reading and all the rest we get from Dramaland are so realistic, that the story of a damaged family and a young woman who has given up her dreams to care for a sick parent is an absolutely outrageous concept.

God I already watched it half subbed this morning and I am in such a good mood. I just absolutely love the OTP. Just needs the right role, I guess. Just like when Yoochun in MY. He acted a lot better when he was acting with the more experienced actors. She was great in Replay I think SM did the right thing by giving them these roles, cause now they have four strong young leading ladies with a potential to grow-Go Ara, Yoona Lee Yeon Hee and Sooyoung.

I think Krystal could join them one day if she keeps improving. I hate this drama makes me hurt so much for the long wait of new episode but satisfied me to the fullest when its arrived? In Ho thanks her but she thanks him for coming up with this solution. And if things goes wrong, In Ho offers to take responsibility for everything. He hands her a blanket and leaves while Da Jung wonders how he plans to take responsibility? Yul sits in his office and thinks about what In Ho and Da Jung said to him.

Yul makes up his mind. Da Jung is sprawled on the sofa fast asleep. She turns over and falls off the sofa, opening her eyes to see Yul standing over her looking very disgusted. Then she will have to tell the world that they have broken up. He tells her to stop and she can leave now. Da Jung tells him to save all his exclusive interviews for his girlfriend her.

Especially her work place Scandal News. Da Jung says no to all the above. Da Jung calls Yul and asks him to save her number as the first speed dial before hanging up. Hye Joo warns her not to mess up before storming off. Da Jung is wondering how to leave the building when In Ho comes by. She asks older brother Woo Ri whether he thinks dad will marry that girl. Joon Ki notes that Woo Ri is becoming more like his dad. Yul and In Ho are heading home and discussing the high public opinion towards Yul now.

He crumples the newspaper and throws it away. Yul comes him and asks what Joon Ki is doing here? Da Jung finds reporters gathered outside Scandal News headquarters. She gets a call from her dad who read the newspaper and demands to know what she is doing dating the future Prime Minister! How can she find a guy who already has three kids! This involves her being dragged out while Yul is all verklempt and has to be restrained from going after her.

Yul cries to his staff to be gentle with his woman otherwise she might shatter. Hee Chul wonders why Yul would have her tossed in the police station and Da Jung says it was because she asked to break up with him because of their vast differences. Cue romantic ballad and a kiss in the rain. Da Jung finishes her story and Hee Chul buys it because Da Jung prevented him from tracking the kids and also got an exclusive with Yul.

Her editor tells her to call Yul right now then.

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Da Jung says she dialed wrong and calls back. Da Jung asks him to come pick her up after work because her co-workers want to meet him. The Scandal team leave work and Da Jung keeps trying to explain that she is not lying and her honey is just upset at her for going to the press conference. Her coworkers tell her to bring Kwon Yul then if they are to believe her. Yul speaks up and asks if someone is calling him. Everyone turns in shock to see Yul standing there.

Da Jung runs towards Yul and they put their arms around each other. Yul takes Da Jung away leaving Hee Chul and her editor gaping that their romance is real. Da Jung is in the car and positively ecstatic that Yul magically showed up right on time. He warns her to pipe down since there is a driver also in the car and they need to keep up pretenses. She asks why he came and he reminds her that she told him to come. The driver hilarious turns on romantic music and tells Yul and Da Jung to not let his presence keep them from chatting.

Da Jung directs the driver to evade the Scandal News car by driving through the alleys and lanes that she is familiar with from all her reporter work. The driver turns left and right sending Da Jung and Yul flying into each other. Ahahaha, I love it. They shake off the Scandal Team and Da Jung wants to get off at the next light but Yul tells the driver to take them to a hotel. Yul tells her they have to make it look real and then drags her off to the room. She gets up and smiles sheepishly before going to join everyone. He gets stuck on when they first met and then tosses his script yelling about why he needs to memorize all this stupid stuff.

Hye Joo says he might be asked about it but Da Jung thinks there are more important things to ask Yul about during the confirmation. In Ho grabs a cup of coffee and Hye Joo joins him to apologize for slapping him earlier. In Ho notes that she apologized earlier than he expected. Hye Joo says her thanks was sincere and his decisiveness was impressive. In Ho drinks his coffee and has a very interesting look on his face. Da Jung goes outside and finds Yul standing alone thinking.

He senses her and turns around and she tries to sneak off but he asks what her parents think about this? She tells Yul not to worry since her dad forgets things soon after saying it. Yul asks why she wants to help him? Da Jung remembers Yul saying that she did nothing wrong and is a victim, and for that one reason alone he would decline the appointment. If he makes this promise to her then its worth it. Yul asks her to make a promise with him that she will become a good reporter. The time is late and he tells her to go home. How can someone like him be their next Prime Minister?

He knows Man Se hilariously wants to be the president of a bread company. In the future he might still be a dad who gets zero points but he will be a Prime Minister who gives his all for the nation. To become a better dad, he will work on it after this. Yul needs a wife and his kids need a mother.

His staff greets him and congratulates him on getting confirmed. Da Jung leaves Scandal News and Hee Chul tells her to just go take bride classes rather than coming to work. Da Jung gets a call and her face falls. Da Jung rushes to the hospital crying as her dad is covered by a blanket like a corpse. Da Jung yells at her dad for playing a prank such a collapsing because this is not a funny joke.

Her dad has brain cancer and at most 6 months to live. The doctor suggests her dad be happy and stress free for the remaining time left. Da Jung gets a text from her dad to stay warm and bring Kwon son-in-law next time because he and her mom want to meet him. Da Jung collapses on the street sobbing. Hye Joo says no need since they are breaking up soon.

Yul sides with Hye Joo and says not to keep using her. In Ho thinks about it and thinks it might be and asks if there is anything wrong with that. Hye Joo says nothing is wrong but be prepared to end up in the headlines. She walks off and In Ho wonders if there is no reason to see that interesting Reporter Nam around in the future.

She then remembers the doctor saying he needs to be happy for the remaining time he had left. Da Jung gulps down her soju and swallows back her sobs. Yul sits in his office and remembers Da Jung asking him to become a Prime Minister who fights for the weak and sticks up for the average person. He gets a call and rushes out. Da Jung is passed out drunk in the police station while the cops tries to wake up her. She calls them her editor while they try to get her to go home. Da Jung promises to get a headline and falls back down again.

The cops discuss having called her boyfriend who was speed dial 1 on her phone. They wonder why Da Jung looks familiar and then places her right when Yul walks in. Da Jung jumps up when she sees Yul and tries to run away. Da Jung is vomiting by the bushes as Yul watches and has to refrain from getting grossed out.

Prime Minister and I Episode 2 Recap

Afterwards they talk and he says its not even worth yelling at her for making him go to the police station. She apologizes and he asks why even call him if they are planning to break up after the confirmation. Why is his number still 1 on her speed dial. He tells her to delete it and she goes to grab her phone. Just marry her you dolt!

The Crown recap: Season 2, Episode 9 |

It is with great pleasure that I get to revise my opinion of Yoona. I think acting is a skill, and those who have a natural aptitude can learn it quicker and those without may struggle until the switch flips. I also appreciated that she was just as quick to join his side when she learned the truth that he was indeed a good man who was not going to throw her under the bus. Hooray for an OTP who can bicker but not be weighed down by simple misunderstandings.

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There is already more sizzling romantic potential as well as comedy in the first two episodes of PM than in all of Marry Him If You Dare combined. All I care about is how much this drama makes me happy and I hope the ratings improve just so the network releases more goodies so I can immerse myself in this story. I also thought the drama did a wonderful job of creating a compelling reason for Da Jung to want to get married. She helped Yul with the fake relationship because she saw his goodness and thought this solution could help both of them.

I also hope Yul helps Da Jung become a respectable and impressive reporter through his wisdom and encouragement. If this drama requires a giant leap of faith to accept all the twists and turns it took to bring Da Jung and Yul together, at least their romance is off to a start where the falling in love part between these two characters already feels probable.

Click here to watch Prime Minister and I. I just watched ep. I am waiting for the ep. I also like YSY in this drama. A pleasant surprise indeed. Thank you so much for the recap ockoala, I truly enjoy your recaps. Omg there were so many funny moments in this episode, like when she was sneaking out by the reporters or when she started to freak out in the hotel lmao. But the best moment was when the driver turned on that lovey dovey music and wanted to turn off the lights for them-both of their faces were priceless.

Why are we even talking about The Heirs in this thread?? I am fully on board with this show. Chemistry is off the charts, and I love the comedic moments. Personally, I never thought Yoona was a terrible actress. I liked her in Love Rain and thought that maybe her performance there was more a case of not having good material to work with that was such a blah drama, therefore so much in it seemed blah too. There were so many LOL moments in this episode. I watched this at work and I literally had to cough several times just so I could cover up my laughter.

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I think I just found my drama crack! Yoon-Ah is killing it and Lee Beom-soo is his usual brilliant self! They are setting up the foundation for the contract marriage very nicely and it is believable that they have to go that route. Oh man, I can feel the snap, crackle and pop of that chemistry.

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I normally have to wait a day or 2 before I get to watch the latest episode and had to make do with recaps in the meantime. You are definitely fast! I must tell you that I had as much fun reading your Episode 1 recap and watching the episode! This drama tickles the funny bone in me. It already had me in stitches at episode 2! Looking forward to the next episodes and your recaps! This is the only drama currently airing that l really enjoyed. Even awaiting for You come from the Star and Miss Korea, this drama is really awesome.

Yoona is hillarious and awesome. Lee Beom Soo has this gangster-like face that just funny to be Prime Minister. At first l dont buy, but now, i kinda like him, he is so funny by himself. Yoona so funny that l laughed few times watching her. Cant wait to see her be his wife.