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Mingle with other guests and meet new people, but observe everything very closely for a murder will be committed. As the drama unfolds, you'll realize that certain characters have something to hide. Past indiscretions are hinted at, past relationships are alluded to, past lives are referred to. Tempers begin to flare, and it becomes apparent that you should believe no one.

Many are suspects, but only one will be guilty! That is for YOU to figure out. During the dinner, you'll review details, examine evidence, be interrogated by detectives, and question the witnesses and suspects. Think you have what it takes to solve this mystery? Murder Mystery Dinner N Elston Ave, Chicago Test your problem-solving skills at a murder mystery dinner-theater event Carefully observe and dissect the crime that's been committed -- trust no one! No, it's you taking in the city sights on this helicopter tour of Chicago!

During the ride, enjoy listening to your experienced pilot share his vast knowledge of the city's history and recommended spots to check out. You'll even get to enjoy the most exciting game of tic-tac-toe you've ever played using Chicago's famous grid system. So strap in, buckle up, and get ready for liftoff. Until you've seen Chicago from above, you've only seen half the picture!

A home brewer can legally make up to gallons of beer or wine a year, or if two adults are living in the house, gallons per year. This class will show you just how simple it is to make wine or beer. You will learn about the thousands of ingredients, different accessories, as well as multiple techniques used in making beer and wine.

The Best Chicago Date Ideas, According To Our Readers & Staff: Chicagoist

So time to put your mind to the test as you master homebrew basics and design your own craft beer. Drink up this phenomenal experience! The lesson starts with a beginning swing lesson and then opens up the floor for dancing. You'll have the opportunity to dance with folks of all abilities, as partners rotate throughout the night. And when you don't feel like dancing, just relax and take in the scene.

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Whether you're an amateur or polished dancer with Greased Lightning swing skills, this class promises to be a blast from the past and present. Have you always wanted to feel the thrill of free falling without having to, well, jump out of an airplane?! What if you could feel the adrenaline rush of skydiving MINUS your totally understandable fear of heights?

Well, here's your chance! And with the Earn Your Wings package, you'll get the ultimate beginner-level package for a great introduction to indoor skydiving: You'll even get to take home a personalized flight certificate to show off to your friends. This is one indoor aerial experience you don't want to miss! The total duration of the activity is 2 hours, which includes 1 hour of training.

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Includes use of all the flight gear. If you have had a prior shoulder dislocation, back, or neck problems or if you are pregnant, you should not fly. Those less than 6 feet tall must weigh less than pounds, and those over 6 feet must weigh less than pounds.

50 spots for a first date in Chicago

Flyers can be as young as 3 years of age; there is no upper age limit. Participants under 18 years must have parent or legal guardian present to sign Release of Liability. Navigating through the winding roads to find the best in Hong Kong, you stumble upon a dim sum restaurant. Wait, this isn't Hong Kong. This is just Chicago's Chinatown. On this food tour, you will be guided through one of the oldest Chinatown neighborhoods in America, and you'll treat your taste buds to delicious Hong Kong, Szechuan, and Mandarin style Chinese cuisines.

Uncovering the best eats at five different local gourmet hot spots, taste the food, culture, and history of each locale. This might be the most delicious tour of your life so bring your appetite and come prepared to eat! On your walking tour, expect to visit the following locations: We love the Drawing Room because it strikes the perfect balance between grabbing a casual drink and ducking out, if the date blows and starting an adventure; you can stay for a while, but there are so many directions you can take the date in once you've settled in—you can explore the historic building and admire its recent restoration; you can try your luck getting a seat outside at Cindy's rooftop bar, with its stunning views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan; you can play a round of pool, shuffleboard or bocci in the nearby Game Room; or go the low-brow route and grab Shake Shack on the floor below.

Check it out, and invite us. The Chicago Athletic Association is located at 12 S. The new donuts at Ipsento. As a date night spot, Ipsento is as gorgeous as it is versatile. If you're just meeting for coffee, that's great, because Ipsento is known for its excellent brews—and even better if you're hoping your coffee date will lead to an afternoon bike ride, because Ipsento opens out right onto one of The 's ground-level parks.

As the sun goes down, it also becomes a great spot to meet for drinks and light dinner fare—but you must promise us you'll order the sweet potato fries. Dinner and drinks could lead to dessert; Ipsento has fresh pastries behind the counter and hot chocolate. Or even, sweeter, it could lead to a romantic walk along The Ipsento is located at N. Reader Krishna Patel explains to us why every date night has to be special: I do not get to have the luxury of date night every weekend.

And no, it is not because I am single. My date nights have to be planned through plane tickets and PTO days. While he is getting his Ph. Let me tell you, long distance is hard, but worth it. So when he ventures out to Chicago, we try and hit up the best hot spots for us. Whether it is relaxing on the rooftop at JParker or a night out at Public House, Chicago has got us covered. If you just want to play some cards, connect four and sit by a fire, Beermiscuous is the place for you, all while enjoying flights of different beers.

Rosehill Cemetery via Wikimedia Commons. Reader Charlie Cohen tells us why you might want to consider taking your date to a cemetery: One of the best dates I've ever been on was to the Rosehill Cemetery Mausoleum. I'm not a spooky, halloween-y, Say Cheese and Die type by any stretch. I found out about the mausoleum when a major bathroom emergency forced me to pull off of Western Avene into the cemetery, praying there was a public toilet somewhere on the premises. While searching for the bathroom I walked through the first floor of the mausoleum. I was absolutely blown away by the marble, the light, the design of the building itself.

I had to come back. Freeness was the most attractive quality of this date idea This was a time in my life where dining al fresco meant Chipotle in my concrete backyard next to the train tracks followed by the privacy and unbelievable quiet of the place. We strolled and talked and gazed for two hours without seeing a single other person. The top floor are the marble and granite shelf internments with windows at the end each aisle that look onto the lush grounds of the cemetery. The lower floors are these private cells each with their own custom stained glass windows and designs.

This is where you find the big Chicago names: Shedd, Florsheim, Mayer, Schwinn and a bunch of other guys with streets named after them.


Even though you are just a few feet away from dead bodies, the feeling of being there is ethereal and serene rather than macabre. The combination between the history, the beauty and the feeling of intimacy in an unfamiliar place really brought out a shared interest between us that neither knew was there. It also broke us out of our routine of smoking weed and watching Gossip Girl in bed and started our quest exploring unfamiliar parts of Chicago which almost 4 years later we are still on.

Rosehill Cemetery Mausoleum is located at N. I share this all the time with friends and its quite unique and a winner every time. Late afternoon cocktail on the top of London House. Skip the crowds and head up there early to grab a seat at the bar for a pre-evening cocktail while enjoying the view. Most people are not even aware that you can hop on the river taxi and it drops you off in Chinatown.

From there it's a five minute walk to the center of Chinatown and any number of Chinese restaurants. I enjoy the lovely Chi Cafe. London House is located at 85 E.

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Photo courtesy of 3 Arts Club Cafe. And if that sounds like it really is not your cup of tea, bear with us: It's technically part of the Restoration Hardware and not a dining area, so you can expect to take in some excellent city views without the long lines and pricey dining bills of other rooftop spots. The 3 Arts Club Cafe is located at N.

The Promontory is a popular bar, restaurant and concert venue to put on your destination list, whether you can walk there from Hyde Park or are coming from out of town.

Look up who's performing before you go or be surprised; sip on craft cocktails and enjoy a small plates menu with locally-sourced ingredients. And if you're date is going well, we recommend you make a pact to come back soon for brunch. The couple that belays together stays together, we always say. admin